Working, Scoring NbN Flywheel

Well, scoring from the starting tile is pretty doable. Power isn’t the problem. Angle is.

Video here.

Details from the video:

Homemade goal details:
Height of PVC: 45"
Top of Cage: 45"
Bottom of Cage: 36"

Launcher 1 details:
2 motor, internal turbo gearing
Run at 127
35:3 external gearing

Launcher 2 details:
4 motor, internal turbo gearing
Run at 100
35:3 external gearing

All shots were taken from a starting tile area. ~30 degrees appeared to be the best angle for aiming.

We found that with 2 motors, the launcher overheated pretty quickly. So we switched to 4 motors, and the thing worked like a charm. In one unrecorded shot, the 4 motor launcher nearly hit my head from 16’ away (the angle was higher than 30 degrees). I’m about 5’10.

Thanks for posting this!

My fellow teammates were a bit worried about whether or not turbo motors would truly work with this. From what I’ve heard from a senior member, they tend to burn up very quickly.

I’m sure after I show them your video they will quickly change their minds on the gearing of their motors and external gearing for their launcher prototypes.

Your prototype seems to be doing pretty good!:slight_smile: I have not gotten a chance to mess with some VEX parts and build one myself, but I was thinking of using two motors to power my flywheel. You mentioned that your flywheel overheated very quickly with two motors at full speed. Do you think two motors with turbo internal gearing would overheat while connected to a higher gear ratio than you have now?

Great video. Thanks for sharing. Any idea how fast you can feed balls into it before it seriously loses accuracy?

I want to say 2-3 seconds…

Nice job, thanks for sharing. Nice proof of concept.

How long does it take to spin up? Will it be able to keep shooting full field for the entire match?

Is it a 35:3 torque ratio or did you mean a 3:35 speed ratio?

The convention I’ve seen the most during the Skyrise season and the one the VEX curriculum uses is Driving : Driven which means for example 1:21 would be for torque and 21:1 would be for speed, so 35:3 for speed does follow this convention (although I’ve heard its flipped around in a lot of places and by some VEX teams)

Who are you? John? Kenneth? Logan? Caleb? Seleb? Christian? Anyone else? That’s an awesome banner and I am so in love with it. We have a website? Wow. My team’s next gen rocks.

Yes, I am the senior team member, and I do design and test around PTC capability a lot. Remember it is the overall gear ratio that matters. Turbo only means you are gearing up a normal motor to 2.4 times speed without any external gearing. Using gear ratios that you usually use with regular motor on turbo will surely cause overheat.

The advantage of turbo gear is that it can achieve a similar output speed with significantly less external gearing comparing to regular motors. The more gear reduction you have, the more friction and slack you have.

I love my team. :slight_smile:

If you’re unsure why not try both and see what works better?

I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

This design looks like it works well enough to be the standard at the (now delayed :() start of the season. It’ll be interesting to see what improvements people make to increase things like precision and fire rate.

That seems like a legitimate strategy :stuck_out_tongue:

Going back to what I said earlier, the time between shots, as seen in the video, was closer to 1-3 seconds. This was around the time that it took to re spin and gain speed.

It’s Caleb from Temple.

The way I see it, it is x rotations turn to y rotations. So 21:1 would mean 21 rotations turn to 1 rotation, meaning speed is sacrificed for torque.