Working With Legacy 393 Motors

In our robotics class, we are looking to use the Vex V5 brain and text editor, with the older 393 Cortex motors. looked at a older forum post, and there was no one clear answer. Is it as simple as assigning it in the motor menus, or is there some other steps we need to take.

The problem you will face is that the 3 wire ports on the V5 brain doesn’t really have the power to drive motors.

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Either invest in Cortex’s or invest in smart motors

So is there any way to do it, or would we have to use only v5 or cortex stuff?

The V5 Brain 3-Wire ports are regulated to 5V for low power devices such as sensors. Using motors on these ports will probably overheat the voltage regulator. The motor ports on the Cortex are connected directly to the 7.2V of the battery so the motors can draw their rated current.

You might be able to use a cortex power expander with the V5 3 wire ports to power the motors, as this will use the power expander’s 7.2V battery to provide power for the motors.