Workspace soundtracks

So i’m a bit curious…

What music do ya’ll listen to while you work? Personally I listen to Metallica.

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I listen to Sabaton when I’m working.

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Complete. and utter. silence. Who am I kidding. I actually listen to the sounds of my computer fan and keyboard.

I envy you. My workplace is very loud all the time.

my classic rock/prog rock/psychedelic rock playlist on my YouTube channel to which you all should subscribe to:

Rap is underrated. But, ACDC. Come on.

Also, if I’m feeling under motivated, a gundam ost does the trick.

by the way, @alphagoats53999f this playlist is legendary!

The soundtracks of all of the reveals we are watching.


An eclectic mix of various vocaloid artists, Radiohead, the Decemberists, and LCD Soundsystem :smile:


wii sports music 10 hour version


Darude Sandstorm, obviously.

I don’t really listen to music. The sound of my jet-engine-like intake is music to my ears.

Chilled Cow livestream or Lo-Fi music

We have a very strict rule in our workspace (usually my house) with no music because of the general unproductivity it results in, contributed by our horrible song selection and a massive speaker system to make sure even the neighbors hear what we’re listening to.
We listen to music anyway. Team favorite is currently Will I Am - Big and Chunky (yes that song from Madagascar 2 with the fat hippos). If we make a reveal, that’s probably gonna be the song we use.

@hotel 40mP? Love Trial is one of my favorites.


We were actually listening to Big and Chunky at one of our more recent meetings as well. We normally work in silence, but after I remembered that that song existed I just had to play it. Other soundtracks we have used include the following:

  • My friend’s 90 track playlist of weird wii shop/mii channel music remixes
  • The entire Garfelf movie
  • All of Mr. Inaudible’s youtube uploads
  • Various Niel Cicirega songs
  • Kids Bop
  • Variations on the DK Rap (DK Rhapsody and Ape Oddity being some of our favorites)
  • Cotton eye joe hardcore nightcore dubstep remix earrape bass boosted
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lately i’ve been listening to The Score

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We have a playlist of ~500 songs ranging from hardcore rap to anime theme songs and we leave that on shuffle the entire meeting.

Answer part 2:

BLRS favorites include many disco songs, as well as Ra-Ra-Rasputin and Moskau

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I have a “Freedom” playlist with all kinds of beautiful American songs, such as:

  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • God Bless the USA
  • Ragged Old Flag
  • Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue
  • Ring of Fire (and other Johnny Cash)
  • Fortunate Son
  • Have You Forgotten?
  • Rednecker by Hardy
  • You’re a Grand Old Flag

And much, much more!
Yeah, we love freedom :laughing:


That was what my team was listening to yesterday.