Workspace soundtracks


I listen to many artists such as:
Oh the Larceny
Linkin Park
8 Graves
The Score
Post Malone
Unknown Brain
Unlike Pluto
Sam Tinnesz
Areo Chord
Tommee Proffitt
Panic! At The Disco
For King and Country
Zayde Wolf
Eiffel 65
Roses & Revolutions
Alan Walker
Post Malone
Eminem (Some of his songs, not all)
Imagine Dragons


Three words:





I listen to Tool when I work by myself

however… when I work at school with the other teams we have all collaborated on a Spotify playlist called “yeet while school” it’s open if you want a listen. Almost 600 songs of absolute random and utter garbage with the rare good song. We have to run across the room to skip every other song because our teacher doesn’t like profanity which is understandable.


Figured I would make a poll for the badge.

  • Classic Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Rap
  • Country
  • Dubstep

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Feel free to let me know if I’m missing anything. Probably a lot.


Yeah, you missed Country, for one. And then you could go as far as parodies, dubstep, and other more sub categorized music.

Edit (Partially because I don’t want to hit my max posts too quickly today): You could also add the rare A Capella for all the choir nerds out there.


Thanks. I would count parodies under memes, though.


Yes, The Score is great. The Imagine Dragons album “origins” is also great music to work to


too bad imagine dragons is the worst band in music at the moment


My team usually listens to a mixture of rock(Five finger death punch, Slipknot, Metallica) and rap (XXXTentacion, Lil Peep)


@FatGorilla imagine dragons is the blandest most formulaic music but i still really like it def a work soundtrack for me as well.


oh and prolly EDM, and jpop too if im feeling frisky


When I was a student the build sessions were usually silent, but 77321J would have music playing sometimes (especially toward the end of ITZ), including:

  • A cappella - Home Free and likely Pentatonix, plus at least one a cappella cover by Walk Off the Earth)
  • Alternative rock - Imagine Dragons, especially “Ready, Aim, Fire”, which I just realized would’ve been very appropriate this year)
  • Classic rock - “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede)
  • Hair metal, specifically “The Touch” and another Stan Bush song, both from the 1986 Transformers: The Movie soundtrack

One of them also played the Mii Maker theme one day. (I knew I’d heard it a lot before, which was probably on the 3DS my siblings and I had, but I didn’t remember where I’d heard it until one of them mentioned the name.)


One of my teammates played a 2000 bpm song during a work session. We don’t really listen to music when we work after that happened.


panic at the discoooooooooooo


Deltron 3030, other rap songs, P!ATD, Spiderman Into the Spriderverse.


Personally I listen a playlist filled with songs from the 1960s-90s.


The music for our team switches for k-pop to heavy metal. or memes.