world championship 2015 qualification spots clarification

Hi karthik, I wonder if it is legal that in a national tournament (24+ teams) that qualify teams for worlds, only qualify the winner of excellence award and just the captain of the winner alliance ( the rest of the alliance dont qualify)?

I’ve moved this thread to the Official VRC Worlds Championship Q&A, where the REC Foundation can provide you an official answer!

Thanks Karthik for your quick answer, the answer of REC will be in this thread?

Yes, they monitor this forum and will answer your question here.

Hi Karthik, I just wonder how much time take to REC to answer questions, I dont want this to sound as a claim, its just to know it, because I asked this last week Thanks for your colaboration.
PS: REC rules!!!

I’ve spoken to the REC Foundation, and they’ll be answering your questions shortly!

Thanks for your message. Generally speaking, a National Championship that has been allocated two spots for the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship would make the Excellence and Design Awards the qualifiers for World Championship. I recommend that you speak with your National Championship Event Partner regarding the allocation of spots and/or speak with your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager for specific information on the country in question.