World Championship Bot

What bot do you think will preform the best at Worlds, and win Worlds?

Take your vote :smiley:

I’m pretty excited to see 575 play.

Who is that? I am not quite sure who that is.

Do you have a picture of their bot, or description?

It’s an elastic monstrosity with only 4 motors that shoots out a massive arm to block off the wall in the first .5 seconds of auton. Then a second arm super stacks, while a third arm blocks the other alliance from getting their doubler.

Uh, WOW! I want to see this robot now.

I guess it would be put in the “Other” category.
Do you have a video of it? Man oh man, that sounds really cool!

575 is in the Science Division. Going to watch that :smiley:

Edit: Are you in California?

Any pictures of video of this?

Apparently they break three sets of the new plastic sliders or so every time they extend forcefully, so they skipped their matches today to try to fix it.

we will be on the lookout for this…

Who’s still awake? :slight_smile:

AURA is awake and wondering why noone is voting wallbot…

Prime is awake and just voted wallbot :smiley:

Voted super stacker :smiley:

From watching yesterday’s matches, I would have to say that the NZ intake robots, and the Dual tread robots dominated. I believe I saw 1107B super stack in one match.

Can’t wait for the qual. matches today!

Typed on an iPad

I put super stacker!

What would you classify GER under?

Wall bot and good morning btw :slight_smile:

A 2509 bot. :3

Whoever put wall bot was right :slight_smile:
But it had a little help from some pretty good NZ bots :wink:

even with “ok” NZ bots, it will still win
it doesnt matter if they cant clear their half of the field quickly, they just need to do it in 2 mins (which is a* long* time)

Ok, but can you at least give us a little credit? I mean, we picked 2w when we were 4th alliance captains! They were the “Tom Brady” of the alliance selection; nobody had much interest in them and they ended up being the “green eggs” of Gateway!
p.s. if you re-watch playoffs, we and 2900a both cleared our halves of the field faster than the opponents did (most of the time)
Anyways, it was a lot of fun and 2w does deserve most of the credit. :slight_smile:

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We still needed to outscore the other iso NZ bot though, even if we have control over the middle 30". Many teams even scored in the middle 30 before we did, but we still won (because of 20" goals). I’m pretty sure “ok” NZ bots could not outscore the best NZ bots coming out of Math and Technology Divisions. 2w is still the “green eggs” of gateway though. :slight_smile: