World Championship College Questions

Hello, I have three questions regarding the World Championship College Challenge:

First, do college teams submit entries here? Or is this only for high school and middle school teams?

Second, is the schedule here applicable for college teams? Or is there a college specific schedule that will be released sometime before April 18th?

Finally, appendix F of gateway says:

My question is: how similar? Is it possible I could receive a more detailed explanation of how the elimination matches will be conducted for the college challenge?

Anyway, thank you for your time and for organizing such a great event as the world championships every year. :slight_smile:

Yes questions for the College World Championship may also be entered here.

For purposes of making travel plans the tentative agenda you referred to served its purpose. Now that registration is closed and we have a final team count, a refined college schedule will be created in the weeks to come. Expect this to be released by April 10th. Do not expect to see any major time changes as all the divisions will essentially start and stop match play at about the same times.

This level of detail will also be available when the schedule is issued in April. I will only comment that we are looking at ways to involve the majority of college teams in the elimination phase of the event.


I appologize that I was not specific enough, but what I meant was if college teams should submit written entries for World Championship awards. I didn’t mean the Q&A. This is what I was refering to: Sorry that wasn’t clear.

In regards to everything else, thank you very much. :slight_smile: