World Championship Division List?

Hello I was hoping someone could help me find the link for the World Competition division List for the high school league. I have looked everywhere and I cannot find it if someone could help me I would be very grateful.


I believe will have the divisions list, webcast, etc.

The divisions will be released sometime Monday the 21st.

Good Luck!

It’s always fun waiting for the division list to be announced. In 2012 there was a bit of a delay and we had a thread running all day while everyone was waiting.

The 2012 thread will answer one question for you, which is, “why can’t the REC Foundation get the division lists out sooner?” We cannot finalize divisions while there is uncertainty about a block of teams. Sometimes things happen with international travel that are outside our control, and that can take time to resolve. This has happened a couple of times in the past few years, and (along with possible flu epidemics) is the #1 cause of delays. Have fun in Anaheim!

April Anxiety, the natural progeny of March Madness.

Just read through that whole thread out of boredom. Is it sad that I laughed at my own jokes?

Well the OPS Bus from Omaha broke down last year 3 times on the way there so that’s why the division list was postponed probably.

It is Monday today. Have mot seen Division lists yet.

same … awaiting it to be published …

Where exactly on robotevents will they be published?

How do you know what division your in?

The World Championship tournament page. Shift through the tabs, and you’ll find the division list, when they finally get posted.

Once the division lists get posted you can find what division you’ll be in.

Ok, Thanks.

aswell as robotevents, they will be posted on the forum, and most of the RECF/VEX social networks etc

Not posted yet

Thanks! :smiley:

I really wanna see teams that have not lost a single tournament collide and compete with each other… Waiting.