World Championship Division List?

Ok, Thanks.

aswell as robotevents, they will be posted on the forum, and most of the RECF/VEX social networks etc

Not posted yet

Thanks! :smiley:

I really wanna see teams that have not lost a single tournament collide and compete with each other… Waiting.



And the long wait begins…

Will it be 12PM (CDT) when the divisions are released?


lol, yes I saw that. I didn’t know if it was a set time.

Thank you very much Jordan. Your intuitive wisdom on this deep subject surpasses all my knowledge regarding divisions :slight_smile:

Thank you, Jesse. I know that my knowledge is quite great, and I am glad to have been able to use a bit of it in order to assist you in finding an answer to your inquiry.


Your worse than me Jordan :slight_smile:
Everyone is sad you won’t be at worlds. You will always be in our hearts.

Sitting and class and teacher says “what have you been doing on you computer
for the past hour” I respond, “waiting for the division list” she is like, "whatever just shut the laptop.
Happened 3 times today
Still waiting…


The past hour on the World Championship page for me:

Oh yea :wink: Good thing I’m watching Thor 2.


Maybe it is 12 PM Hawaii time

Taking practice AP calculus exam and keep refreshing.

I know the division list will be posted when it will be posted…

but where will it be posted??? :rolleyes:

Results tab.

Maybe someone noticed 431 is not divisible by 5?