World Championship Excellence Award Prerequisites

In appendix E of the Sack Attack game manual there are some prerequisites for Excellence Award such as online challenges and interviews etc. which is clearly defined.

The final sentences which are new this season are:

*Does this mean you must be a club to win an Excellence Award?
*What defines a club?
*Does this mean individual teams who are not part of clubs are automatically excluded?
*Do all teams from the club need to be World Championship qualified?
*Should individual teams split and form a “club”?

The term “club” is used to represent the organization that fields VRC teams. This can be a school, community group such as 4H or Scouts, a group of friends that registered a team, or any other similar group. A club can have many teams (for example, the Robosavages from Gladstone Secondary is one “club” with more than 20 teams) or only one.

Any team at World Championship that has fulfilled the necessary requirements described in Appendix E is eligible for the Excellence Award.

For schools or clubs with more than one team, having at least one team qualify for World Championships is sufficient – it is not necessary that ALL teams from that club be present at World Championships.