World Championship Excellence Award rubric

I would like to follow up on this discussion thread:

I found the rubric that Miller Roberts referred to. This document talks about local competitions and the World Championships. I have two more questions about the Excellence Award specifically at the World Championships:

  1. “1 A QR Ranking Point is earned for finishing in the top 8 of the qualifying matches (one point available)”

Given that each division at the World Championships will probably contain over 100 teams, does a team still need to be in the top 8 of the division to earn one point? If not, what within what position does a team need to finish in, in order to earn a point?

  1. “4 Judge Ranking points are awarded for every judged award for which a team is a finalist (up to 4 points available)”

Do the online challenges count as “judged awards”. That is, if a team is a finalist in an online challenge, does that give a team one additional point?



Great questions:

  1. In order to recieve a QR Point at World Championship, teams must be ranked
    in the top 8 after qualification rounds conclude. This is not a “pre-requisite” for a team to be awarded the Excellence Award, however teams within the top 8 are given an advantage based on thier extraordinary play throughout the event.

  2. Teams are not eligible to recieve an additional point for having been a finalist for an Online Challenge. Teams will recieve ranking points based on submitting for Online Challenges only. Submitting for Online Challenges is a pre-requisite for the World Championship Excellence Award.

I hope this clarifies!


Thanks for the clarification.