World Championship FAQs: Part One

The Robotics Education and Competition Foundation offers the following introductory answers to the most frequently asked questions about the 2012 VRC World Championship. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

WC Registration and Payment

**Q: Is there a multi-team discount for World Championship? **
A: No. There is not a multi-team registration discount for the 2012 VRC World Championship. Registration is $750 per team.

**Q: When is payment due for the World Championship? **
A: Teams must submit payment for their World Championship registration no later than March 16 , 2012. If a team has not paid for their registration by March 16th, their registration will be cancelled without notice.

Q: What is the 2012 VRC World Championship cancellation policy?
A: VRC World Championship registration cancellations must be received by March 16, 2012 in order to receive a full refund. All cancellations must be emailed to with the team number and the contact information for the team’s contact. Teams that cancel on March 17, 2012 or after will not receive a refund of their registration fee.

World Championship Preparation

**Q: How can I best prepare my team for the 2012 VRC World Championship? **
A: There are several online resources that teams should consult while preparing for the 2012 World Championship. Teams should visit the following resources:

[INDENT]VEX Gateway Manual Updates
Stay informed about the latest updates to the VEX Gateway manual by visiting this forum. All changes to the Gateway game will be posted here.

Official WC Q&A Thread in VEX Forum
Visit this forum often to ensure that your team has the latest information about the World Championship.

2012 VRC WC Checklist
Check the VRC WC Q&A Forum for a VRC Team Checklist. This list will contain a list of things that every World Championship bound VRC team will want to make sure that they have done.

101 Things You Should Know Before Your First VEX Tournament [

The VEX Forum & Support Page

Teams should also ensure that all teams members have read the VEX Gateway Manual, and Awards Appendix.[/INDENT]

**Q: How does my team participate in the Parade of Nations that will occur during the opening ceremonies on Friday? **
A: Each team attending the World Championship must send one representative to participate in the Parade of Nations that will occur during the opening ceremony on Friday, April 20th. Prior to arriving to WC, teams should decide who will represent the team during the event. Information regarding the actual ceremony, will distributed to teams upon arrival.

Travel, Accommodations and Attractions

Q: Is it better to fly into John Wayne airport or LAX?
A: John Wayne Airport is roughly 15 miles from the Anaheim Convention Center and the hotels for the 2012 VRC World Championship. John Wayne Airport is serviced by 11 commercial airlines and is the most convenient option for World Championship attendees.

LAX is roughly 45 minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center depending on traffic. Since WC attendees will need to make arrangements for transportation to/from the airport, it is important to calculate the airport transfer costs into your trip. Ground transportation information to/from the airports can be found at

Visit for more information about the various airports.

**Q: Do any of the hotels provide transportation to and from the airport? **A: Teams will be responsible for making their own transportation arrangements from/to the airport. There are several airport transfer transportation options listed on the World Championship tournament page. Teams traveling together in groups of 6 or more people should contact the transportation services directly about a group discount.

**Q: How does a team make hotel reservations for the 2012 VEX Robotics World Championship? **
A: Teams should visit the two World Championship accommodation websites: The Anaheim Convention Center housing website and the GET Travel housing website and book their hotel rooms through one of these websites in order to receive the discounted rates. If your team is going to stay in the area for several days before or after the World Championship and some hotels don’t show up as options for those extended dates, contact the respective housing bureau to inquire about obtaining reduced rates for the team’s extended stay.

**Q: Which hotels are closest to the competition venue, the Anaheim Convention Center? **
A: The Hilton Anaheim and Anaheim Marriott are adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center where the 2012 World Championship will be held. The Anaheim Convention Center hotel site (hyperlinked) provides the distances from the convention center to all of the hotels. There are a number of other hotels in very close walking distance of the Convention Center that we would also recommend and also have discounted rates (such as the Desert Palms, Red Lion, Anabella and Sheraton), but the Hilton and Marriott are the two closest.

**Q: Is there a GET Travel registration stipend being offered again this year? **
A: The REC Foundation was able to negotiate very competitive hotel prices for the 2012 VRC World Championship and as a result, there will not be a GET Travel registration stipend. Teams will notice that accommodation prices for this year are not per person, and in many cases, the hotels will allow up to four people per room for the same price. This year’s accommodations are also located either across from the competition venue or within a short walking distance, which eliminates the need for daily transportation to and from the competition venue. Last, many of the hotels include breakfast and/or internet as part of their rate. Overall, teams will experience much lower hotels costs and enjoy the convenience of staying closer to the competition venue.

**Q: Will transportation be provided from the various hotels to the Anaheim Convention Center? **
A: If your team is staying at the Anaheim Marriott, Hilton Anaheim or the other recommended hotels within walking distance of the Convention Center, transportation is not necessary as these hotels are adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center where the World Championship is being held. Transportation to/from the hotels in the area will not be provided this year. Several hotels with special rates for World Championship attendees are located within walking distance to the Anaheim Convention Center. Please visit the Anaheim Convention Center Hotel website and the GET Travel hotel site for more information regarding the proximity of the various hotels to the Anaheim Convention Center.

**Q: If one of our team members volunteers during the World Championship, does our entire team qualify to receive the volunteer hotel room rate for the World Championship? **
A: World Championship volunteers will receive an extra room discount that is only for one room. The volunteer discount cannot be applied to all of the rooms booked for the team. Individuals interested in volunteering during the 2012 World Championship should visit the volunteer website located at

Q: How do international teams request VISA and invitation letters?
A: The REC Foundation is happy to provide VISA and invitation letters to teams. In order to process VISA and invitation letters, teams must complete two simple steps. First, the team should register and pay for the 2012 VRC World Championship. Next, the team contact should email the following information to team name and number, the names and passport numbers of all team members and mentors, and the address of the VISA/Embassy office. All VISA/invitation letter requests should be submitted to the REC Foundation by January 31, 2012 to ensure proper time for processing. Requests submitted after January 31st will be processed as soon as possible, but may take 2 to 3 weeks.

Please note that the REC Foundation will not produce a separate letter for each team member. Instead, the foundation will produce a letter for the entire team and attached the list of team members and mentors.

**Q: Are there any attraction and meal discounts available to World Championship attendees? **
A: Yes. Anaheim has a lot to offer and teams should visit the Anaheim Convention Center website and the Get Travel website for information about discounted Disneyland tickets, the DisneyYouth Education Series programs, and discounts on dining, activities and shopping.