World Championship Match & Rank Predictions

I know it’s rather late but I’ve been working on this a bit whenever I’ve had time over the past day or so, and I just got it ready for public use. It predicts future qualification matches based on data from scored matches, then uses the match predictions to predict what the rankings will look like at the end of the qualification matches. Check it out! I was going to try to make it work for all divisions, but I don’t have time and figured I’d just give this to you guys now. Feel free to check it out. :slight_smile: The match predictions code is pretty simple right now, but if you’d like, feel free to ask about it and I can explain in more detail how it works. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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HS - Science
HS - Technology
HS - Engineering
HS - Arts
HS - Math

MS - Spirit
MS - Opportunity



Whoa, what’s 9090C doing at the bottom of technology with 0-8?

Other than that, this is really cool stuff!

Robotevents has them at 0-8 with 35 SP’s, so it is not something wrong with Jordan’s program.

Unfortunately, 9090C’s been disqualified from the competition.

Yikes! What happened to 9090C? Why were they DQed?

I just watched their matches and they did not compete at all today and the webcast ends halfway through their last match yesterday and then rewind a little then stops. I am guessing motors is the reason because I have never seen someone being dqed from competition for something they did in a match. I really liked their robot even though they beat 1200C at nationals.

As far as what I heard something with their motors or their PTC breakers and they got DQed in inspection

9090C got dqed for modding their motors