World Championship Open to the Public


Is the World Championship open to the public? If so, is there an admission charge?



If it is there might be a fee

Yes, the World Championship is open to the public and there is no charge - admission is free.

There are now over 200 qualified teams registered, so it should be an amazing event! All family, friends and the general public are welcome to come and view the competition.

Long as they’re not allowed to come near the pits/competition fields during their use. I’d like to feel safe.

Yea if they were allowed to come into the pits you never know what would happen especiallly if they brought along todlers…

I don’t think you guys have anything to worry about. Most robotic events are open to the public. If you see someone walking through the pit you should welcome them in, and show them your robot!

yeah i guess you never know…maybe the walk in that comes up to you will be your employer someday :confused:
or something crazy like that

Or maybe just a fellow VEX fan who isn’t on a team, but loves VEX like me and would like to get a closer look at the amazing robot your team built!

I’m just thinking that if you’re really busy they might be in the way… but I’d have nothing against it as long as they don’t start touching stuff.

Ok, I was trying really really hard to stay out of this, but you people need to take a chill pill.

  1. The idea behind this program is to incentivize, inspire, interest (an any other I word) students into the world of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics via Competition Robotics. Which means showing other people (since you are already into it) what you do.

  2. The Vex robots are the coolest things on the planet, but from 40’ away it is hard to tell that. From 5’ away the coolness comes at you in a tidal wave.

  3. Most people will be there with children and in 99% of the cases they are going to keep an eye on them.

  4. In the 1% case there are other roboteers standing around, they will watch out.

  5. People are going to interrupt you and ask 2.3 million questions. Answer them. Better yet, go out into the aisles, grab them, drag them into your pits and show them how your robot is an engineering marvel. Get them as excited about robots as you are, so they go away and decide they want to get involved. Deal with the pressure, because for three days you are a robotic rock star.

6)Mom says “It’s nice that you are important, it’s more important that you are nice.” Be nice to everyone, you’ll never know that the old geezer you just pushed out of the way just became a FORMER sponsor due to your rudeness.

7)I know you have 100’s of hours of design,build,test,practice,more build,more practice,stress at the three events that you went to, etc. Spending another hour with your fans won’t kill you. And I’ll make this offer: “If spending time with a new future roboteer was the ONLY reason you lost the championship, I’ll send you a 6’ trophy inscribed “Best Fan Friendly Team””

Good luck and thanks!

Yeah! What he said…

thanks for posting for the sake of sanity!!! common sense is not dead on this forum!! (at least for some people)