World Championship Party (Saturday Evening/Night)

I’m just curious if most teams are planning on attending the party being held on Saturday evening/night. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is the link.

In case people don’t know, you have to buy tickets and the tickets are $25 until Monday (16th). After that they will be $40.

I want to buy tickets for my team before they get more expensive, but I want to verify that indeed many teams have plans of going. (wouldn’t be much fun if 20 teams show up)

Our team is going, but I don’t think that a lack of teams going will reduce the amount of fun you have. In fact it might increase it. Imagine, an entire amusement park with practically no lines. That night is reserved exclusively for VEX and it also includes dinner. :smiley:

We bought tickets but then our education foundation said no to going to worlds so…:mad:

I know many of the new vex members don’t remember when worlds used to have after parties.
Elevation and Cleansweep worlds had them and it was a lot of fun. I doubt a lack of teams will be a problem.

Team BNS will be there :slight_smile:

Yes, three Vexmen teams attending worlds will be going to the party at the amusement park.

The kids are really looking forward to it. Parents - not as much thinking they will be dead tired by Saturday. They need to get a better mindset and enjoy the experience. This is the fun part of worlds and I am glad to see they added it back. :smiley:

One of our team members on 81M was at the last Vex party at the 2010 World Championships in Dallas. He was in 6th grade at the time, is now in 11th, and is our longest tenured Vexmen member. He loved it then and is really looking forward to it this year and got the rest of the kids psyched!

Good to know. We are one of those newer VEX teams. We have been to Worlds since Sack Attack, but I don’t recall any party events.

I think I will go order tickets!

I went in 7th and 8th grade and now I am in college. Calling them “new teams” is more just another way for me say “not as crazy as me”.

9185 is going the party. We are excited on going, even though Ohio has like Cedar Point and Kings Island, it’ll be a new experience to go there.

Also, Sunday is my birthday, so why not spend it in Kentucky rather than in a car?

My birthday is that Saturday but I won’t be there. Question what should I do with my ticket I bought?:confused:

Why don’t you attend anyway? Even if you cannot compete have a parent/coach/mentor drive you over for the finals on Saturday and then go to the party.

All three of my teams will be attending. Looking forward to a great evening.

Wish I could but my friend was giving me a ride down, but now he isn’t going and parents are out of town and don’t want to bother my grama… So ya. =\

Going to vex worlds without competing can be the most fun experience of your life.
Not sure how different it would be now after they added “Tabor rule”.

Now you can only coach 1 team at an event

How many teams were you trying to coach at once?
What was it like 20?:stuck_out_tongue:

Attending :wink:

2976A is going and I’m joining their team for Worlds so thats 3 more people :slight_smile:

All 2 members of team 62 are going!

Thanks for all the replies everyone. It seems pretty clear to me now that the party will be well attended. Our tickets will be purchased shortly!

5776, 5776Y, and 5776B will all be attending the after party! Hope to see y’all there! :slight_smile:

Members from 7701 will be at the party for sure!