World championship presentation bot teaser

I wanted to see if anyone could guess what I am using this piece for on the presentation robot.

I probably cant guess, but i’ll try. Is this an attempt at a large version of a rack and pinion gear using tank tread?

Please include another teaser so i can guess again!!! :wink:

I think it might be part of a linear lift, but I also think there’s going to be something to do with pneumatics. I think that’s a pneumatic tank in the background.

There are pneumatics involved.

I noticed a hole in the bottom of the c channel and wondered if something comes through there or is it even supposed to be there?

We noticed that there are pillow block bearings on the “bottom” of the assembly. We think that the bearings allow the whole assembly to rotate parallel to the tank tread rollers.

We don’t know how the pneumatics come it to play unless the piston fits into that slot in the c channel, moving something in between the tank rollers.

I would guess a high hanging lock using pneumatics.

Locking mechanism or a wheelie bar lock.

Remember that this is a presentation robot and almost nothing on it would be practical in the actual competition.

It looks like it’s designed to have two different height settings, the one pictured and a lower one if you rotate it 180 degrees.

Is it to allow the robot to hold trophies of different sizes?

Not quite, but it is designed to switch between three different positions. There are two pistons being used on it.

I will release a video of this mechanism in action pretty soon.

I think that someone can guess what that will be used for.

Is it for wildly changing the angle of the trophy?

Or maybe steering…?

Exactly. The front axle goes through the pillow bearings, and the wheels go on the axle.

That’s some crazy steering. I wouldn’t wanna be a passenger on that bot… Lol