World Championship Seedings

I have looked, but cannot find out how the World Championships will be set up for the teams. Will it use a similar set up like the FIRST Championships, with multiple divisions, then those winners playing off for the eventual championship? With approximately 300 teams this would seem logical.



There are several different setups being considered. This decision will depend a lot on the final team count for the event. I can tell you that several of the different setups utilize a divisional system. None of the proposed systems involve any significant departures from the current Elevation elimination structure.

More information on the VEX World Championships will be released periodically over the coming months, as soon as it is available.

I can tell you, I’m very, VERY excited for the World Championship (especially after personally witnessing the incredible play at the Pan-Pacific Championship). I think everyone who attends is in for a GREAT competition and I hope to see everyone there.

When does registration start for championship?

Teams should know if they are eligible but will VEX make a list of eligible teams public ?

Registration has already opened for the Championship of the Americas and the VEX World Championship.

Qualified teams will receive invitations via email with information on which events they’ve qualified for, information on how to register and their individual registration code.

There is also a wait list for each event open on their respective event page:

VEX Championship of the Americas:

VEX World Championship:

We expect that some spots will open up and the top wait listed teams will be admitted into each event.

Though we do not have a comprehensive list published of qualified teams, the award winners are published on after each event.

Hope this answers your questions.



Thanks for the replies. When will we be receiving the e-mails? Our contest was on Nov. 22, and nothing has been sent yet.




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Thanks for your reply John,

The process makes sense. Teams from Houston, do not have invitational codes yet but the championship is still 5 months away.

A few more questions about the waitlist.

When will slots come available, i.e. approximately what time should teams check if they made championship ?

What happens if teams who qualified don’t pay by a certain date (i.e. the deadline 4/9/09)

the first round of emails haven’t gone out yet. They’ll be sent… soon…

Here is how it was explained to me:

We’ll be letting in groups of teams off the waitlist starting in January. A group of teams will be admitted monthly off the waitlist, as more spots become available (teams double-qualify, RSVP “not coming”, etc).

The payment deadline for teams who register prior to March 1st, is March 1st. Anyone who qualifies (or is let in off the waitlist) after March 1st has 2 weeks from the time they are invited to pay before their spot is given to someone else.

As always, send any questions to Waitlisted teams can contact if they have any questions about their status.

Make sense?

Yes, thanks John