World Championship T-Shirt Ideas

We are designing our t-shirts for the world championship here in a few weeks and was wondering about what they should say. We have everything all planned out on our shirts, but our organization’s ideas are sort of conflicting. Would it be beneficial to have the shirts say “World Robotics 2019” on them? We did last year, but we really didn’t wear them to regular season meets because of this.

“I like big bots and I cannot lie”

On a serious note, I would add “World Robotics 2019” on there to commemorate the occasion. Nice job on making it to worlds, by the way.

Might I suggest “VEX Worlds 2019”? It’s more specific, as it is (one of) the event name.

I would include where you are from (country, state/province, and city), the name and number of your team, and an art piece, like the team’s logo. The program I used to mentor added all their tournaments on the back of the shirt.


And maybe all the awards you team has won this season. If you have room, adding participants names somewhere on the shirt would be good.

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VEX Worlds 2019 is probably the best option. A pun also makes you stand out our is “Lets kick some bot”

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… Remember that it is “VEX” and not “Vex.”

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I just wasn’t sure if we should put “VEX Worlds 2019” on the shirt because, first of all, it’s obvious that we are at VEX Worlds 2019, and also we want to wear these shirts at local meets. Do you suppose it’s worth putting it on the shirt for the one time event? Or leave it off so we can wear them at local meets?

Just putting it on the t-shirt and wearing it around will give you a boost in status. Like retired NBA players having a ring to show that they’ve won a championship. It gets your name out there.


I’ve found the same, but we don’t have team-specific shirts. Yet. My name and whatever I put on the robot helps me stand out a little.

I guess that makes sense. Thanks for everyone’s opinions! We were struggling to make a decision, but I’m sure this new insight will help us come up with a decision.

If you want to wear them all season, maybe don’t put VEX Worlds 2019 on it. My team designed shirts for Worlds this year and part of next season, so we didn’t put a year on it either. We also included our team number, school logo, country flag, and school name. Our school doesn’t have a specific logo for our robotics team so we just used a dragon (our school’s mascot) graphic that’s used on a bunch of other school merch.

Also, make sure your shirts conform to your school’s brand representation rules. Our school is pretty strict, so we’re limited to certain fonts, colors, etc.

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