World Championship Teams -- Do Not Forget to Complete Your Team Profiles!

If you want to do your best in competing for Judged awards at the World Championships you should make sure your team information is updated by this Friday, April 5, 2013.

In order to complete the team profile information fields you may have to have your coach or other adult leader log into and look on the ‘My Account’ page for the ‘Registered Events’ list. The appropriate World Championship event will have a ‘TEAM INFO NEEDED!’ link next to it. Please click the link and fill out the information for each team attending the event.

It should look like this:


[INDENT]Team Date Event Code Event Name Price Payment Info Order Number Additional Info
XXXX 04/17/2013 RE-VRC-13-8491 2013 World Championship 750 PAID XXXXXXXXX TEAM INFO NEEDED!
The judges need this information to do a good job of evaluating your teams.

Best of luck!

thanks for the reminder!