World Championship Webcast details

Many students, teachers, administrators, and board members at our school are interested in watching our team in the W.C. webcast. I have a few questions:

  1. Should I send them the link to the webcast on the robotevents page, or the Ustream page?
  2. Is there any system of notification that lets you know when a specific team has a match? Many of the people in my school who want to watch are really only interested in seeing our team.
  3. Will videos be accessible and downloadable after the championship is over, so that teams can keep the official videos of their matches?

Most of the people who can answer #2 and #3 are currently en route to the event, and may not be able to get to answering forum questions again before the tournament starts. Here are my best answers for you:

#1: you can find the links to the webcast and events results here.

#2. Why not direct your friends to the match schedule, which you will have once you check-in to the event? You can also send a text just before your matches, right?

#3: I don’t know right now, please ask again in a couple of weeks.

1: Alright. Thanks!

2: There are several problems. A, I don’t have a cell phone with which to text, and B, there are many students, school staff, and people in the community who are interested. That would be a lot of text messages. Can you please contact any of those people who are en route and relay their answer to me?

3: Alright, I’ll do that.