world championship

i’m the captain from team 1991 from Mexico, i just want to know if someone heard about the news that tournament will be canceled??

I dont htink the tournament will be cancelled espically when people have paid for tickets and stuff they would have annouced that about 2 weeks ago.

yes i was thinking about that ,but they are telling me that is because oF the epidemy that is in Mexico and in some parts of U.S.A of influenza so to take care of this and don’t have more people infected

Was there an official email sent to you guys ?

yes, but i don’t have it here that’s the problem , but also we had a phone call saying that is was canceled and they will tell us when will it be, let me see if i can get the email with me

soo none nows anything about this?

I dont think so. It just maybe be the mexican teams

well ok thanks i will see what happened

IFI just sent an email blast that the event is going forward as scheduled, but that the Mexican teams will not be able to attend because their government has closed all schools.

My sympathies to the Mexican teams. I cannot imagine how disappointing this must be.

Yeah, I’m with you on that one. Thats sucks for all the Mexican teams that worked hard to get to the World Championship.

I agree. I was looking forward the seeing the Halcones team again. They were with us at the Houston Tournament.

Just to confirm, the event is going forward as planned. We look forward to seeing all of you Thursday.

Yes, but is not because of our government is because the decision from VEX Robotics, we´r free to fly even to USA, and here´s the mail that we recieved:

To all teams from Mexico registered for the VEX World Championship:

Due to the recent outbreak of the swine influenza, we have been receiving many inquiries from around the world regarding the status of the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship to be held this weekend in Dallas.

In an effort to provide a safe and healthy event environment, we believe government and school officials should determine participation and the welfare of their students. Based on the Mexican government’s mandatory national school closing, we must honor their decision and regretfully request that teams from Mexico withdraw from the event. We feel that this is the only prudent action to protect all participants.

We deeply regret this unpredicted turn of events and understand the disappointment this must cause. We want to thank the teams from Mexico – throughout our communications over the past few days you have been understanding and cooperative in helping us come to this difficult decision. We will be recognizing the teams from Mexico in our closing ceremony this Saturday and will be making an announcement that, while not a complete solution, will acknowledge the sacrifice your teams have been forced to endure.

We apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused. While many teams from Mexico had already made the decision not to come, we know some were waiting on this official notice. We waited as long as possible, hoping for a change in circumstances.


VEX Robotics

How many teams have withdrawn from the Championship?

This is an incredibly unfortunate coincidence of events. It’s too bad that the Mexican teams will be unable to attend. I look forward to those same teams attending next year.

I saw a news item from Singapore that at least one team from there has canceled its trip. Don’t know anything more.

Do the math, though. Visiting this conference in Dallas won’t measurably change your odds of being exposed to anything. If this thing gets bad, it might be different later, but right now I’m of the opinion that this is more of a TV news issue than a medical one.

EDITED: The Centers for Disease Control seems to agree: Six cases reported in Texas – a state with 24,000,000 people.

well 173 cases have been found of this Problem (SIV) in Mexico. And we have 24 millions just in Mexico City population and 110 Millions in all country so the number of cases is a very very little range, but we know that participants’ health is always first that success in a competition.

From Mexico, we were 11 teams from highschool and 1 competing in the college challenge (ours).
This situation is really sad, we were supposed to travel to Dallas this morning. But I guess is only for our own good. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for Vex to decide this, but it’s just for the best.
Thanks to everyone for all the support, take really care (things here in Mexico are really bad :() and I hope all of you make a terrific performance this weekend!
Hope to see you next year :slight_smile:

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected by this sort of disease. I’ve had two bad cases of influenza in my life, and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that.

That’s what I said.
I feel for the Mexican teams because my teams are in the same boat. I got a call from one of my friends saying that the administration at our school won’t let the 2 teams travel. :frowning: And the worse part is both teams are entirely made of seniors so we don’t even have next year.