world championships

Does anyone know the prize for winning the world championships??

The right to gloat in a really smug fashion for an entire year! And also a trophy.

I hope the trophy’s a bit above ordinary.
But, I do like the gloating/bragging rights part :smiley:

If last year is anything like this year, winning will net you a very extraordinary trophy.


the pimp metal stick of bragging right there!
Then all you need to do is make your own robot to mount it on and drive around :stuck_out_tongue:


yes that would be cool

I hope to see that trophy coming back to NZ with Avondale or Free Range!
no pressure =]

Good luck to the NZ teams, do us proud.

Coming back with symbiohsis wouldnt be a bad thing either :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Westlake!

Sorry, didn’t meant to forget you guys - my bad! XD

Hahaha, all good.
A win for any of us would pretty much be a win for New Zealand anyway

our team has won 6 trophies in Hawaii… we just joke that those are going to be our “extra parts” for later… if we got that trophy (not like we ever could), we’d have a really BIG extra part! :stuck_out_tongue: