World Match Footage

I was just curious, what is the best way to re access match footage from worlds? I saw on YouTube that a few of the Tech division matches are posted, but that’s it. And for some reason, my livestream app and online won’t let me re access the livestream. Any suggestions?


Is there a particular replay you’re having trouble viewing? I picked 3 at random just now and seemed to be able to view all of them just fine.

Other than that, this YouTube channel usually has most/all of the VRC worlds matches up as individual videos 6 weeks or so after the event ends.

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Cut to the bot videos usually does a pretty good job, props to them and the team that’s behind it. I think they’re usually going to start putting videos out after they’re done exams and into the summer, so just sit tight and i’m sure they’ll have videos out.


You can download the whole livestream archive for a division. Then using your favorite video editing software, edit out all the matches you are not interested. For our team that went to Worlds, it resulted in 44 minute match compilation and award presentation in Opportunity division. It is actually neat to watch… gets the emotions running again!

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So, maybe some of you can help here. I have the ability to cut up the livestream feed into individual match videos automatically. I was all set to do that for all Worlds divisions and upload them to Youtube, but I quickly ran into a problem: Youtube only allows 100 video uploads per day.

I had started here with the Technology division:

Does anyone know if there’s a way around the 100/day limit?


asking my network…

Think @Cut_to_the_Bot ran into the same problem for the past few years as well.

He didn’t manage to find a solution for it.

Think It is a YouTube restriction… so might need to email YouTube directly to release the access.

But thanks in advance for all the hard work of slicing the matches up and uploading them :slight_smile:


I had a question about your videos. Why doesn’t your software to cut the livestream record the sound? I was just wondering because the matches are a lot more entertaining to watch with the announcers.

I removed the sound because it unfortunately contains copyrighted music in the background.


Really! I figured they wouldn’t do that. Interesting. Have they not done that in the past?

The NZ nationals Livestream were taken down from YouTube due to copyright claims on songs in the background so I guess it’s better safe than sorry.

Has who not done what in the past?

Worlds has used plenty of music for the past several years that would result in copyright strikes galore on YouTube (this is probably one of the reasons the official livestream has never been hosted on YouTube).

Of course, the implications of such strikes are extremely frustrating at best. With the sheer number of strikes that are likely, any channel that tries to upload more than a match or two of un-muted footage is likely to be entirely taken down.

So here is the issue I’ve been dealing with with the footage. When I try and access it through the Livestream app used during the competition, all it says is “Error Playing Video.” Any suggestions? I think it could be an internet error, because it loads when I am at my school.

If it loads when you use one internet connection but not another, the issue is probably a firewall on the non-working connection.

You can always try accessing the footage from the web interface.

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Where can the livestream archive be downloaded? Can you give a specific URL? Thanks.

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This didn’t seem to work still with my internet connection. I can watch it using LTE on my phone, but it doesn’t work with my internet with the mobile app or the online version.

From them we selected the day, and then found the URL link for that day to download. For example day 3:

Hope that helps.