World Match Predictions

So with worlds and state coming around I was wondering what you guys predict the average autonomous score will be and match score?

Autonomous balls scored / alliance: 6 - 16.

Match scores: 200 - 260 / alliance.

Only 6-16 sounds very little conserving each team gets 4 balls so I think at least 30 and many teams get a stack in autonomous so it could be like 60.

That was probably for balls scored; that translates to 30-90 points scored. The 90 assumes that each robot picks up a full stack, including a bonus ball. This also assumes 100% accuracy.

Yes, for autonomous I was referring to balls scored. I haven’t seen a robot that can select a bonus ball during autonomous, although some can “get lucky” in the field during autonomous. Scores would probably average 30 - 60 with a 90 being very high.

In the finals, it will be rare for alliance to score more than 40. With the blocking and other movement going on, the stacks will probably not come into play.

With this year’s game being so high scoring it seems like many top teams don’t really even care about autonomous. I think in the future the value should be based on total possible points. This years game should be more like 25 points. But then you would have the field cleared even faster. My guess is that in the top matches the fields will be clear in the first minute keaving about 45 seconds of not much going on unless there’s a lift.

Think he might be referring to 40 balls and not 40 points.

I am pretty sure that pjohn was talking about 40 points in autonomous. That would be all the preloads scored. I agree with him that most teams will play defense on the stacks.

You are right, I might be mistaken.
But if @pjohn1959 is talking abt autonomous, then @Elevator Lift has still misunderstood pjohn.

Let’s stick to the topic at hand - I think the autonomous might go beyond 8 balls per alliance (especially during elimination). Maybe 10 balls will be closer.
Even with defense, there are stashes that will not be that much affected.

I’d say autonomous; 40-45 points (per alliance)
Driver control; 200+ (per alliance)

Do you have to be that sarcastic to everyone? @pjohn1959 was referring to autonomous. What he said is absolutely plausible and makes sense. No need to be so acidic on the forums, we are all here to get better and learn more as teams, and engineers.

No worries, he has been suspended.

But back to the main topic, I think that autonomous routines will be interesting. Most teams will probably want to tune multiple routines to avoid these collisions, and there are definitely enough stacks of balls to go around 4 teams. I’d say 50 points minimum for each alliance.

I’m thinking there will be more strategy in autonomous than previously. Stuff like what was seen at the NZ nationals, including hoarding game objects to starve the other alliance. There is going to basically be this triangle of strategies (similar to rock paper scissors) which counter each other, and the robot that can do all three and switch easily could win easily.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear about my original statement. Yes, I was talking only about the 1st 15 seconds of autonomous control. After that, the sky’s the limit. After what I saw yesterday in the South Texas Championships, the finals will be fun ( and very fast) to watch.