World/Open Cost

So as our team’s goal this year is to make it to U.S Open and worlds, this brought up the question of what would the costs per person be, not including registration fee’s. We rein from Texas, so although I’m not saying it outright, I would definitely like to know what other teams from Texas are paying per person or per team and even how to save on expenses.

I’m not from Texas, but last year, my school covered the registration and air fees. We had to pool ~$300 each for hotel rooms, then food was an extra ~200.

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@6916H thanks, and good luck this year

@mikethememe The costs of Worlds registration fee goes up every year. Last year, it was $975. I’m expecting the price to reach over $1,500 per team. Plus food, transportation, hotel, souvenirs, vex parts etc.

@Droideka is your team private or do you have funding from the school district?

@mikethememe We are not private and we don’t receive any funds from our district. We are trying to get sponsors.

EDIT: We are from Washington State, so I don’t know if there are companies that would sponsor us from out of state.

@Droideka Does your team fundraise? If so how do go about it?

@mikethememe im not in charge of that

Not sure if this will help, but from somewhere across the world, worlds fee is around 2000$. $1000 goes toward the group fund, and around 1000 for food and shopping trips. Rest is school sponsored

I would assume it would probably be a bit lower if you’re not sponsored.

Maybe… Do they have souvenirs at Vex Worlds?
@ItsAlex @mikethememe

@Droideka I think they give each team a bag of goodies, but I don’t know I’ve never had the delicacy of going to worlds but I think @ItsAlex was probably talking about souvenirs outside of the competition.

Our tradition is to go around to local stores or shopping malls depending on the event and shop for a little. Walmart is a place where we love to go because we dont have one in Taiwan. First day or two we find places to play around. Like this year we went to a zipline cave and also shopping malls.

But if you’re from the states, then i dont think youll need to bring a lot for shopping since things in Kentucky will probably be in your state too.

Zip lines, Louisville slugger museum, and there is a mall with laser tag and stuff. That is where our schools archery team goes when they go to the national competition. And IMO those are the best places there.

I have students who will be attending their 5th worlds in 2019… i seriously run out of places to bring them to :frowning:

I really prefers the “old system” of changing venue every 2 or 3 years.
But yes… with the constraints of space and price, it is not easy to find a suitable venue.

honestly, in the position we’re in right now, we might just have to settle with some nice time in a hotel room, which is completely fine with me.

They have to patches of the current game and some pretty cool shirts and sweatshirts. Also the food is pretty expensive.

Based on this I think you will be bringing your teams to worlds this year. This news is very welcome, especially considering the doubt many had that you would be able to come at all.

I am assuming that recf will keep their promise of keeping 3 spots for Singapore HS and also assuming that my teams will get all the 3 spots :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with a middle school team thats gone 3 of the past 4 years. Its a fantastic experience, as no other competition comes close to the level of intensity and the feeling of something that large. We have gone to the US open 4 of the past 4 years. Thats a big event, but still has the feeling of a local/state level competition.

Last year for US Open, the team had funds to cover the registration, but travel and personal expenses were covered on our own. We are in Michigan and drove, so for me it was 4 tanks of gas ($175-200), a hotel for 4 nights (varies, but should plan on at least $100 per night depending on your tastes of hotel), plus food. For food you can find a hotel that has breakfasts, and if you get into the Country Inn (part of the convention center complex), it easy to provide outside lunches and dinners at a much cheaper rate. We’ve brought crock pots and had some parents leave the venue an hour early, commondere the lunch room in the hotel and make a healthier option of sandwiches, salads, sloppy joes, taco bar etc. This at least keeps the food cost minimized. We all pitched in for food costs and its much lower than either going out of the venue or paying for food at the venue. This year we did not do this and we opted to go out of the venue for meals. Still pricey but better than pizza at the center. If you make the meals yourself, i would think you could do it for $50-75 in meals per person. If you go out, I would say plan on 20-25 per person per day, although pizza gets boring day after day.

Worlds was about the same. We drove (much shorter distance, so gas expense was lower), and hotels seemed a bit higher. I paid $150 a night for 4 nights. This year we ate at the venue, as its harder to go out and get back in time for lunch. I opted to go light and instead eat a larger breakfast (free) at the hotel, and then dinner to control costs. But, its easy to spend $10 at worlds for lunch at the venue. In the past, we did the same thing and some parents made lunches and brought them and we just ate outside.

Overall, gas, hotel, food… I would plan $150 per day minimum.

Souveniers… our girls liked the shirts at worlds better. shirts are $50-100 each, depending on what you want put on them. There are water bottles and other items for cheaper, but everyone went with shirts.

If you opt for other extracirricular activities, that makes the price go up. We have been too tired to go places after the event, so usually the girls just went to the hotel pool after dinner for an hour then to bed. The days are long and high intensity.

One option that saved money for a couple of us this year was getting a bigger house on AirBNB, and have multiple people stay there. They had a whole house and kids got a chance to wind down somewhere and parents sat on the patio with adult beverages…

@sabarrett328 wow thank you so much,we will definitely keep this stuff in mind