World Qualification Capacity Repost

I haven’t received an official answer to this post yet and was wondering if anybody happened to know:

Well for one thing Im getting a page not found message so that might be why they’re not replying

Sorry. Happened when I copied and pasted. Fixed now.

My understanding is that it is the number of teams who sign up for a tournament, but I can’t seem to find the post where I once read that.

I think it’s the number of teams who sign up. However, things vary from that pdf you referenced depending on the number of teams and tournaments in your area. We once competed in a tournament with 31 teams but only the Excellence winner qualified for the World Championships.

As the document states, there are additional limits to the number of teams that can qualify per region based on the number of teams in that region in relation to the number of teams in the entire VRC.

In NZ, we have competitions almost every month (or more), but only the National Championships have qualification spots because we only have something between 4-7 teams for our region, even though we have enough teams for Level 1 tournaments every month.

The best way to find out what positions (i.e. competition winner, excellence award, etc.) will qualify you for the World Championships is to contact the event organiser and ask them. It looks like it is not purely based on the number of teams at the event, there are other factors as well.