World Qualification Spots, regional

I know it is harder for one team qualify more than once, but if they do are two qualification spots taken from your region, like New Hampshire or New England? I’m wondering because at a past meet with 26 teams, we were on the winning alliance, however only the excellence award was the qualifier at that meet. So is that just because New Hampshire has used up all of its qualification spots?



Is there a specific tournament that you are asking about? Please tell me which tournament(s) you want to know about.

In the meantime, I can inform you that the # of qualification spots given to a tournament is based on several factors. The WC qualification document that is posted provides a guideline about how tournaments should assign WC spots. However, it is quite possible for a tournament, regardless of size, to have only one WC spot based on how the spots are assigned in a particular region.

In addition to what Miller said, read through the sticky threads at the top of this sub-forum.

Yes, this event: Northern New England VEX Robotics Championships

So then I’m guessing the number of spots in the New England or New Hampshire region has already been reached? Also, in New Hampshire about a month ago at this meet, here , also only qualified one, even though it was a Level 2 meet.
Concluding with this, would it be possible that next season the number of qualification spots for each region be announced at the start?

I hope the season has gone well for your team, it appears that your team qualified for WC at the Maine VEX Championship! Congrats! A few answers for you:

  1. There are two factors in determining how many WC invitations will be awarded at each official event. Initially, the total number of team registrations determine what “Level” the tournament is eligible for. After the total number of registrations at an event has been determined, then the tournament organizers and the REC Foundation Regional Support Manager determine how many spots are available for that event from the state’s allotment. In the case of NH, there were two tournaments designated as “Level 2” and the rest of the tournaments were designated as “Level 1” (at a level 1 tournament, only the Excellence Award winner qualifies for WC). For more information and detail, please consult the official qualification criteria.
  2. A single team can win multiple awards, and qualifications, throughout the season. If a single team wins multiple qualifying awards, those spots are no longer available to any other team(s).
  3. This season, we required that all Qualifying Events be posted and designated as such by November 1st, 2011. While a deadline hasn’t be chosen for next season, I can assure you that all partners must post their events, and “Level” early in the season so that all teams are aware of the qualifying spots available.
  4. At the specific event that you are referencing, the tournament organizers and the REC Foundation Regional Support Manager designated that the event would be a “Level 1” event ahead of time, and that was posted on the event page (
  5. The event organizers in NH decided that since the NNE Regional event was new and late in the season, that the event would only be a “Level 1” event this season. If teams demonstrate a desire to make this event larger in the future, I believe that the organizers will make it a “Level 2” or higher event next season.

I hope that these answers help. Don’t forget to reference the official qualifying criteria document, and good luck this season!