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I was recently looking at the the middle school only state competition for Illinois and noticed a problem. Under general information, it says that you can qualify for worlds through skills, but under awards it says you can’t, which one should I believe?

General description is incorrect. The spots for Illinois was updated 1/15/20 to six spots. So the list is:
Tournament Champions x2
Tournament Finalists x2

According to the Qualifying Criteria, Illinois appears to have 6 slots to worlds at the middle school level. Then, if you look at page 3, when an event qualifies 6 teams the following advance: excellence award, tournament champs, design award, tournament finalists. So the awards tab appears to be correct.

The number of slots is adjusted in January. It is possible that the info in the general tab was written prior to the adjustment. It would have been true if there were 5 slots to give away.

Editted: link to qualifying criteria:


the bug is the documents tab on the IL event has old Qualifying Criteria doc.

Thanks for the help guys, the general info just got updated to give spots to finalist, not skills. Thanks for the help though! (:slight_smile:

On the other hand should there be a double qualifier at state, the team with the highest season skill core that is not an automatic world’s qualifier would then get an invite to Worlds. If the Excellence Award winner at state was also a tournament finalist, then the highest skills core for the season after removing the teams that qualified through state would be invited to Worlds.


Bro MN gets 13 world invites lol

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