World Qualifying Spot

Hello, I’m writing to inquire about a worlds qualification spot. In my state there are 7 worlds spots to award and earlier in the year I was told that would be comprised of 2 middle school teams and 5 high school teams. At our State Championship yesterday the tournament champions (All high school teams) had one team that also was the top robot skills champion therefore, dual qualifying. We had MS Excellence and the Design Award both go to middle school teams. So right now there are 4 high school teams officially qualified and 2 middle school teams officially qualified. My question is, I’m the member of a high school team and there is still a spot open, however there is a middle school team above us on the skills list. Does the world qualifying spot go to us? Or does it go to the middle school team even though that would mean our state would be sending 3 middle school and 4 high school teams rather than the 2 middle school and 5 high school that we were allotted. Thank you, I hope I said this in as elegant of a manner as possible in hopes that you will be able to understand my question.

I left the state and team numbers out however if that information is needed feel free to ask and I will fill it in where it is needed.

Thanks for the question. The best person to consult about these topics is your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. I can only offer a “general” response, while they will be able to address your specific question in context of what has been decided in your state. Generally speaking, in this scenario the team that replaces the double-qualified team would be pulled from the High School Robot Skills Rankings (the highest ranked, unqualified team in the state/province/region).