World skills ranking qualification deadline question

It would help if a VEX/RECF authority answered, but if anyone knows it would help. Our state competition was postponed due to weather and is not until this upcoming weekend, but the deadline for qualifying for worlds through an international top 30 ranking is listed on RobotC as March 2nd.

Seeing as our competition would have been before the deadline, and no one in the state has had a chance to make there most recent robot/programming skills run that they hoped to make, I was wondering if there was any sort of exception that would be made for competitions like ours that were postponed. Otherwise teams would have to rely on winning the tournament or an award, which can sometimes be hard to rely on.

Thank you.

Assuming you mean robot events.

Also I would send an email to your regional manager to sort this out as the state championship might have special accommodations to post skills scores to the global rankings.
Regional managers can be found here

Also include here what region your are from and a link to the robot events page of the event in question

I’ve talked to someone who is running the event and he is unsure, but I believe is currently checking. I just wanted to see if anyone could answer immediately or make a statement about competitions like these in general.

And yes, I meant robotevents… Oops

And thanks for the advice