World Skills Rankings Tiebreakers

Asking this to get an official answer …

It is very clear that the rankings on the World Skills Rankings are based on your Robot Skills score … then, if tied, by your Programming Skills score. But if still tied … what is next?? Hiding these tie-breaking criteria is not good as it impacts how teams play. I’m guessing that the tiebreakers go right across … #1-Robot Skills, #2- Programming Skills, #3- Drivers Skills (however, if the first two are tied, this one will be too), #4- Highest Programming Skills, and #5- Highest Drivers Skills. That is just my guess though, please confirm. That being said, what is next? There are MANY teams are STILL tied. How are these ties broken?

The game rules seem to apply to a specific event, but even if you did try to apply them, it would be the 2nd highest Programming Skills score. But that is not the case, as I’m very familiar with two teams that are tied (see attached) and the tiebreaker definitely isn’t that because 288G has a couple of different programming scores (at different events) higher than 248Gs next highest programming score.

Is it their 2nd highest Robot Skills score? If so, that needs to be published somewhere as it would have changed how a team like 288G acted. 288G just cannot get over a 92 driving, but can get more than a 52 programming (in practice anyway). At one of their last events, they were only able to get another 52 though so they didn’t even run a drivers because they figured putting up another 144 was meaningless.

I mentor both teams (they are actually very good friends) and 248G was surprised to be ranked ahead of 288G. They asked me and I could not give them a reason why. If one more team would have double qualified at our State event, it would have mattered who got an invite to Worlds. Our RECF RSM didn’t know either. IMHO, I like using the Highest Programming and Highest Drivers, but #6 shouldn’t be 2nd highest Robot Skills as teams may not be encouraged to do better - rather they would see it advantageous to just put up the same score again. #6 should be whoever put up that score first is on top - making someone beat their score.

Whatever the criteria is (even if it is random), it should be published. If you look down the Skills Rankings, it is actually a fairly common occurrence.