World winning Robots predictions

What do you all think the worlds winning robots are gonna be? If you put other, try to specify below! :slight_smile:

I believe that side-suckers will win.
Also they will team up with others like my teams bot.

I believe that there will be at least 50% of the teams will have side suckers. Then at least 20% will be tank treads. The other 30% will be other intakes.

I think it will be ramp+wallbot, or maybe 1107b+wallbot. Perhaps ramp+ramp or ramp+vert/other with good strategy. I am assuming full-potential robots. Most of the wallbots I have seen so far wont make the cut.

I believe that side suckers due to their pure numbers will be part of the winning alliance but I don’t think they will be the alliance captain.

I’d say team 1107B’s stacker + a good wallbot would stand a good chance of taking it all

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You shouldn’t say that. There is a huge possibly of side suckers being an alliance captain.

1st place alliance: 1107b+wallbot+wallbot
2nd place alliance: side-sucker/NZ design + side-sucker/NZ design + tread intake

That’s my prediction… :slight_smile:


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People look for the side suckers and a fast 6 bar lift. The teams I met look mainly for that.

I think side suckers could do well, but with the high concentration of them, I think there is also a lot of strategic room for other designs to wiggle their way in. I’ve seen some designs that are just as good, if not better than most side suckers, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

What I am more interested in is to see how alliance selection goes where there are basically a dozen of the same bot available. Scouting is going to be very important because of that.

The only problem I have with the 1st place alliance is that 1107b can’t even win their regionals, so I think someone will have to pick them and I don’t think a wallbot will be in picking position.

I am curious as to why some people are voting tank tread intake. From what I have seen a well built NZ design will beat a well built tank tread intake ~90% of the time.

wait… the suckers are the NZ design? I meant to say the NZ design will win. They were called different names then I’m used to

It depends on what you mean by a “tank tread” design. There are a few different bot designs that are thrown into this category. For instance, there is the tread intake that rotates on a gearbox and scores out the top when rotated up. There are also some (pretty rare) designs like mine which are a vertical linear-slide design with a tread intake.

From my teams experience, our design stacks up very, very closely to most NZ designs. It depends on how well built and operated the tread design is. Has this been against your experience this year?

Yes, side sucker is synonymous with NZ design

I think an efficient 6 bar with a high cap, like around 6 or 7, has a high chance of winning

Not many have this high of a capacity.

Just a remark on my last post: I think my bot may be one of a kind this year, so you guys might not be able to judge it very easily. Oh, and it has a 6 object capacity :wink:

I’ll do a release soon, its definitely a different design

Exactly :slight_smile: That’s why the few that do have a better chance at winning. Also you need a really good driver/drivers.

If a side sucker robot and a standard dual-tank intake face off, the former has several notable examples, even if they are the same speed and can score at about the same rate.

-A six-bar can get above a goal and block points from being scored. In matches we have arrived at the center goal several seconds after another robot and are still able to score on it first by blocking the other robot from scoring with our lift.
-Side sucker robots can descore, a feature that many tank-tread robots do not have unless they add a pneumatic descore fork. This is useful in very tight competitions.
-A ramp intake can usually have more capacity. It is much easier to have a fold out ramp than to have a fold out piece of your tank tread intake.
-Match-loading is quicker with a ramp. Objects can simply be dropped in rather than feeding them.

Of course you can modify a tank tread robot to get around one or more of these issues, but this is my reasoning for why NZ designs are generally better.

I have arguments against all of these :wink:

Maybe it is just the team from our school, but he has never been able to “dunk” on us when we are trying to block a goal. And he has a six bar. There are ways to beat this defensively.

Our bot can descore (or will be able to by the end of tomorrow)

Most NZ designs I’ve seen this year only pick up about 4 from the field on average, we can easily do this.

We never have a problem with matchloading, and almost always score all match loads during auto. And our auto has almost never been beaten.

Its not a modification if you build your bot right to begin with