World winning Robots predictions

i forget when we actually completed the design (sometime early in the summer), but we have a sketch of the design that we made on the plane flight home from world’s…lol :D:D It originally had the “chainsaw” intake that some people prefer. We ended up going with the “nz” rollers because we had more success with them.

Well, we have 4 autonomi for interaction, and we can change them on the fly, so its pretty hard to beat overall. At least from our experience this year, we’ll see how it goes at worlds.


Yes, in our region it is somewhat more spread-out with designs. We’ve stacked up with most well-built bots we’ve seen this year. Again, we’ll see how it goes at Worlds.

Making my prediction now: I believe there will be at least a few non-NZ bots in the top 10 of each division.
Just my opinion, state yours if its different

Our A team has quite a few unique interaction autonomous’ also. We find it key to have more than just a “dump” one.

Definitely. And within those runs we can adjust the timing and different factors to fit the situation on the field. You’ll never do well if you just go for a huge dump every time

yeah, we can get the dump in after our other one does its magic

Wow! 6hours at school and a thread with 43 replies O.o O.o O.o

Personally, i think it will be efficiency + efficiency + wall bot/efficiency

For example, 1107B with a wallbot is outweighed quite easily with an efficiency and a wallbot right? assuming wallbots are even, the efficiency will get 5 from isolation zone, 6 preloads, so thats 22 points straight up (bottoms of goals, they have 7 goals for that) as well as this wallbot vs wallbot will be pointless, because wallbot A will block wallbot B, and objects will go everywhere. This means that on top of the 14 points from the bottom of goals, the efficiency will have another 5 preloads (10 points when doubled, making 26 points because the bottom is also doubled) To beat 1107B and a wallbot, all they need is 3 objects scored anywhere… floor goals… 20s… anywhere…

^not sure if that makes any sense to anyone else… :stuck_out_tongue:

1107b with an efficiency with wing blockers however… hmmm…

Also, on the tread VS NZ design, tread designs are fighting gravity in both directions… just thought i would throw that in to the mix

… Wings… wings are the answer. Jack, please tell my team that wings are the answer!!!

Ahh yes, that fabled 9.8 m/s^2… That’s why I love vertical intakes, they drop in one swoop, but they have troubles picking up sometimes. NZ design seems to out weigh it, it fights intaking, but then goes with gravity while outtaking.

Well we have wings… and they proved very useful at nationals, basically turns an efficiency bot into a wall bot (with less torque on drive)

Well what happens when the main scoring robot has an issue? If that happens and you have two wallbots, or even one wallbot, you lose scoring efficiency. Teams need to be careful about alliance selection, especially when designing a strategy that may rely on one robot, or even two. My opinion is that you can never be too careful, so i would personally go with three efficient robots and possibly find a way around a wallbot.

I know… I keep telling my team “Lynfield has wings!!! They would be SO useful!”

I know I’ve told my team members before that I think a wallbot will be on the winning allience one way or another. But thats just me.

what exactly do you mean by this…?:confused:

Has anybody seen the Singapore robots? I’m a bit curious as to what they had cause many of them have done well in the skills challenges.

They are pushing against gravity both scoring and picking up

They fight gravity while intaking (everybody usually has this). And when they try to outtake, they also have to fight gravity outtaking on the high goals (which sometimes makes the object tumble out). The NZ design with a 6 bar allows the outtaking to be with the flow of gravity.

I imagine very fast six bars.

ohh i see. what do most tank tread designs look like? just the single set of parallel treads on a pivot point?

Yeah, you haven’t seen them before? They are quite popular.

I know we have always been a great alliance because of our transsmision which lets us be both a scoring bot and a wall bot. We are also adding wings to help complete our wall bot abillity when we are in low speed but that are retractible to allow for great manuverablity. We think it is the best of both because it can both block and score.

yeah my team has one, although its not quite as common…:rolleyes: