Worlds 2012- 2013 location suggestions

I know this is a little early to be discussing this topic, but I figured that the earlier our suggestions are the better! Anyway I emailed vex and suggested that worlds 2012-2013 be in Wisconsin Dells (It is the water park capital of the word :P), and they told me to post ideas in the forum, so everyone can pitch in their ideas, and because most of vex employees look here often. I read online that the Kalahari Convention center has a max capacity of 2500 people. I’m not sure how large VEX is so I don’t know how much space they need. Also, it is not part of Disney, and last year (Round Up season) Disney helped ALOT! Like doing the shuttle thing. Anyways, I was just throwing an idea out there. Any other suggestions on where worlds should be?

Los Angeles.

I saw the Colorado Convention Center once, and I think its beautifully and logically designed.

Reasons I think it would be great for Worlds:
*Central geographic location in the U.S.
*Located near Denver International Airport (You really need to see this airport):eek: Link Here
5,000 person theater style auditorium with state of the art lights and sound
Convenient public transportation (light rail system) which connects the convention center, downtown, and Airport EDITThe light rail system doesn’t go to the airport. Thanks Mr. Tyler

*584,000 square foot exhibit hall
*9 Concession areas located all around central hall
*A huge bear sculpture

I used to live in colorado and ya, that airport is huge! that place sounds great actually! massive theatre area!

Denver has great facilities, but if you want to get from the airport to the city you’ll have to take a bus, because the light rail system doesn’t go anywhere near the airport.

Good call.

I must have somehow missed the big picture of the bus:o

But the bus and light rail system do share stops, and SkyRide does seem pretty convenient with buses every 15 minutes during peak hours.

I did not look into transportation from airport to wisconsin dells. I think the closest airport is Madison? i think thats about 40 miles :o . Well theres one in Baraboo and thats right next to wisconsin dells, but its private :(. Denver is still looking good!

Disney would be nice again or Washington DC would be cool

My vote is for Disney in FL again but I’m a bit bias. However all joking aside I think somewhere in the middle of the country with easy transportation to the venue or hotels so it costs about equal for (most) people to fly to the Champs.

But thats my Opinion

  • Andrew

As someone who has helped at Worlds, as well as other conventions (upwards of 10-15k people) my personal recommendation would be to give it a break from moving… Assuming Anaheim doesn’t have any major problems, just let it stay there for a year or two. It’s easy to get too, it’s a tourist destination, and hey, it’s California. :smiley:

Other than that, the Mid-Atlantic region has a lot to offer if they are looking to move. :smiley:

I did hear a rumor of maybe Tokyo? As much as I would love to go overseas, I think it might be good to stay in the US for a while… Either that, or work on some sponsorship(s) and/or partnership(s) with companies, airlines, etc. to offer cheap/free transportation.

But yeah, let’s give the VEX people a break, and keep it in Anaheim… (assuming no major problems, of course.)

That’s just my humble opinion. :slight_smile:

… new zealand?

haha yep I agree.

However, I think Los Angeles may be the best location, being the main airport for international travellers. It would really help us people who have to spend ALOT of money on flights etc to travel each year. Not only would we save money, but also the hassle of moving airport to airport, going through customs etc each time (which Im sure we all know can be interesting when travelling with robots).

thatd be cool! i think the US would be handing out about 10000 more passports that year then :stuck_out_tongue:

So agreeing with Jacko on this one :stuck_out_tongue:
However, seeing as it costs us about $3000 per person to go to worlds, and there are a RATHER larger number of americans than kiwis at worlds, I doubt that would happen :stuck_out_tongue:
L.A. is really good for us, cuts down costs by nearly $1000 than Dallas cost (which I believe for me was about 4k including spending money)
Although that said, I did really love having it in Dallas - I assume going back is out of the question? :stuck_out_tongue:

holy crap, thats a ton to go to worlds!! you better hope you win :P. how could just switching from Dallas to LA change the price by 1000? is LA international airport?

The extra flights and transport costs mainly, it was 4 grand for us in Dallas and i think it was about 4 1/2 each person for orlando, i vote either New Zealand or LA :stuck_out_tongue:

From memory it was about $800 return just for flights between LA and Dallas. I think we could have gotten them cheaper, but it meant a lot of issues if our flights were delayed or anything

Note: This is NZ$4000. About US$3300 I think?

As I recall, we had forum discussions about this in 2009. You paid more than a US team would have paid, because flights originating in Los Angeles and returning should have been less than US$350. As of today, I can book a non-stop roundtrip from LAX to DFW for US$258.

One of the benefits of having the event in Anaheim (it’s not in Los Angeles, by the way) is that there are four airports nearby, and lots of price competition. In Orlando, you are pretty much stuck. Teams from overseas will probably still fly into LAX, but US, Canadian, and Mexican teams have more choices (Ontario, Long Beach, and the closest airport of all, Orange County). If you want to stop by Dodger Stadium or Cal Tech you can even pick Burbank Airport.

A little tip for teams that have them as an option – Orange County and Long Beach are both MUCH closer and if you figure in ground transportation might be cheaper than LAX. Just a hint from a guy that used to live there…

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how far ahead does vex decide where the worlds location will be? like did you decide anaheim 2 years ago? have you decided on the 2012-2013 location yet?

The $800 was in NZD, or were you meaning 350 return-fare? They work out fairly close if you meant 350 one-way; if it was 350 return that’s a little more disappointing. I didn’t do the bookings (my teacher did) so i’m not certain about any definite numbers

When I talked about L.A. I was meaning as a prospective location; Anaheim though is also great because it still cuts costs down by a lot from previous years.

Essentially, anywhere close to an International Airport with direct flights to NZ is awesome for the kiwis :stuck_out_tongue: But our flights are 11+ hours to LAX so much longer than that starts being painful…
On the other hand, moving it around like is being done at the moment allows us to see a lot more of the United States :stuck_out_tongue: