Worlds 2015 Results on robotevents in error (VEX/RECF)

Hello RECF/VEX Staff,
There was an error on website at

It shows Teamwork Champion 10512A + 10586A. However, per finals matches Teamwork Champion was 10656 + 15A.
Finals #15 - 10656 + 15A = 228
Finals #16 - 10512A + 10586A = 216

Upon contacting Nancy M, she had mentioned that she would have someone research Tournament Manager and fix it. This was about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if there an issue with TM or if it is a manual update by someone upon verification.

It should read:
Teamwork Champion 15A Crescent Crazy Stackers
Teamwork Champion 10656 Hongkou NO.4 PSch A

Can VEX or RECF update?

Thank you.

Hi surgeon, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have verified that 15A and 10656 were the correct Teamwork Champions, and all pages have been updated to reflect this correction.

Thank you Grant