Worlds 2016 Divisions

Division Lists are Out!

High School:

Middle School:

Are these finalized?


3 UK Teams in the Tech division…

Going to be interesting…

Ok, to me it looks like Engineering division is totally stacked, then Math. Engineering only has 1 disco, but they have a lot of other good teams. Math has 3 discos.

I was thinking the same thing about math.
Although it is more balanced than last year in my opinion.

How does one objectively rank each team? :stuck_out_tongue:

Robot Skills. It is also the only ranking across countries and regions.

Robot skills is a good measure of a team’s performance, but because it’s such a simple task this year I also prefer to look extensively at match play including OPR, CCWM, and TRSP.

I use skills as well, but it isn’t as good of an indicator this year in my opinion.
I go by average and highest match scores.

And awards.

Through a series of qualification matches :wink:

I would look at their regional competition performance/skills scores

Its not a simple task to get over 340. 320 is the beginning score for skills this year.

I agree to an extent, but I guess it really depends on what you’re looking for as far as strategy and actual match play. A team could have 95% accuracy for preloads but can’t field whatsoever. In skills they could break 300, but in a match at Worlds they would lose every time against someone that can field.

My point was, that, for this year, Skills isn’t a brilliant indicator for robot performance. For example, a lifting robot would most likely post lower scores in skills than it would if the lift weight were removed, and the powering systems used elsewhere.
Likewise, 320 points in skills are preload scoreable. Without more information about how points were achieved, you conceivably would not have an idea of robot strength purely based off of skills. Though a high-scoring skills bot should still be competitive enough- the question is if it is capable of dominating:P

Has anyone made a spreadsheet for each division with skills scores included?

Matches will be assigned on thursday morning, after checkin. You will get a list then :slight_smile: