Worlds - 2019, Elimination results

Can anyone tell me to find the Elimination results from recent Worlds? Is there a ranking that is applied to teams that made it to the eliminations? Our team, 4813, was in the Spirit, Middle School division.

Also, it seems a team’s results from the elimination matches do not affect their overall ranking. For instance, team 4813 was ranked 11th in the qualifying round, then lost in the quarter-finals. Which would make them 7th equal in the elimination round? Is that right? But, that result does not change their overall placing or seem to be recorded anywhere.

Thanks in advance …

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The elimination round has no bearing on your qualifying round ranking.

The qualifying round ranking is just to get the teams seeded accordingly for the eliminations.

For your situation, I would just say that the team is a division quarter-finalist.
There is no ranking involved for eliminations.


Thanks for the clarification Meng.