Worlds 2019: Technology Division Pre-Scouting

I thought that this is an excellent idea. It would be great if some of the teams in technology put some scouting info or reveals down here. The idea is that we all get a little scouting done. My team is 569A.
We haven’t made a reveal yet (coming soon). We had Cortex for most of the season but recently got V5. We have a double catapult and can put caps on the lower posts. We also flip caps with our intake. We are still working on our autonomous routines. We climb the platforms easily. We have a four motor drive, two motor catapult, one motor intake, one motor capper.


I think it would be nice if we could get this thread active for discussion, but if someone wants to make a spreadsheet here it would help condense all data.

Our reveal will hopefully be out this weekend, I’ll be happy to answer any specific questions after it’s posted.

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Puzzles Alliance is proud to present our 2019 worlds reveal - Hope you enjoy

4 Motor Drive Base - 200rpm
1 Motor Catapult - 12rpm
1 Motor Intake - 750rpm
1 Motor Brake - 100rpm
1 Motor Scraper - 100rpm

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Kicker OP.

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