Worlds 2022 Game Reveal

When will the game reveal happen at worlds?

Will they reveal the game at the MS finals or make everyone wait till ES finals?

Maybe there will be two different games this year for VEX IQ?

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That is for VRC, not Vex IQ.

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Oh sorry I didn’t read the tags or the last part of the question, I thought he was talking about VRC, my bad. I dont know anything about the schedule this year for IQ worlds so I cant be of much help. Sorry!

I cant say this is correct since I’m in vrc but if I had to guess its probably going to be in whatever world finals comes last, again I cant say for certain as I’m not in vex IQ. It could even be revealed in both I’m not sure sorry.

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Likely they will reveal it on the 12th after the ES finals, similar to how they reveal it after the HS finals for VRC, despite MS finals finishing earlier.


This is my first world championship in person, but like I remembered
they released the game in both ES finals and MS finals.