Worlds 2023 Date and if HS or MS goes first

The RECF has released this document on the dates of the 2023 competition season, but it says that the Worlds dates are “tentatively” April 25-29 (scroll down to the bottom). Does anyone have a more recent / updated version that the RECF may have released?

Also, high school worlds was after middle school worlds last year, based on pre-COVID worlds, how likely is it that it’s the same for Worlds 2023?

Thanks in advance!


During the season update Dan told us that HS will go before Middle school.


Pretty sure HS is going first this year to not collide with AP testing.


:skull: heck of a time to be making plans for worlds.


Honestly many people paid 200+ dollars for registration for this season. No one will quit mid season for the IFI and Vex Mess. Many people are planning in advance so that they can book hotels and flights. Its cheaper to start booking now instead of 2 months before worlds. Also TBH only people on VF and Chief Delphi know about this. People who don’t use VF have no clue about this.


Why not spend 5k plus on robotics then back down. The 5k we spent in IQ and VRC is from our parents money. I know someone else doesn’t feel the same way, but I am putting it in a different stand point so people like Sylvie can stop making dumb responses that has to do noting with the topic.


thats overkill don’t you think?


Honestly when you own two IQ teams and one VRC team thats the expenses you have to pay for new motors and new parts. Also we spent a lot of money on V5 and IQ Gen 2.

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