Worlds after party?

We just qualified for Worlds, we are quickly trying to work out the details of the trip. Does anyone know if there will be an after party? Like they did in Louisville at Kentucky Kingdom?

Based on the agenda, I would say no.

In past years the events have run at the same time, so an after party was possible. But with things running serialilly, the after party would be on the 12th. So VRC teams would miss it.

But there is a ton of things to do in Dallas, make your own afterparty!


Congratulations on qualifying for worlds!
As far as I know there will not be an after party, but , like said above, there are many things to do In Dallas

Well, me and two other teams from each ray are all going to 6 flags after worlds. You could probably come along if you want too

When I looked six flags calendar said they were only open on the weekend days. MS Vex IQ ends on Tuesday. But we have figured out some fun plans. Thanks everyone!


That’s a bummer, maybe @DanMantz can pull some strings to get us in!