Worlds Agenda Clarification

Hey guys, this year is my teams first year attending worlds. When we looked at the agenda, we noticed that there was a check in deadline at 7:30 pm on April 24. What is meant by check in, is it required, and do all team members have to be present in order to complete the action?

From what I can tell from the VRC Worlds Agenda, it looks like Team Check-in must (not optional) be done between 12pm and 7:30 pm on Wednesday, Apr 24th. You just need a coach or mentor to stand in line to check-in the team. They’ll give you a Team Packet for the event.

If any of your teams earned a Design or Excellence at their World Qualifier, be sure to bring their notebook. :slight_smile:

I was fortunate enough to attend the world championship last year and will be this year. Check-in basically means that there is a front desk right when you walk in that you either A. Turn in your engineering notebook if eligible or B. Simply tell the people working the check-in that you are there and will be competing. I believe check-in also includes going through robot inspection, very similar to regular season meets.

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Thanks, this helps a lot.

Inspection is not part of the check-in process. The inspection line is in the pit area and is much longer :woozy_face:


Oh, I didn’t realize that inspection wasn’t part of the check in process. However, I do agree that the inspection line is long. I waited like 2 hours last year.

When we first arrive at Worlds, I tell teams “Your first goal is to get inspected, nothing else can happen until that’s done”.



and don’t forget the inspection FAST PASS if your team/club has someone volunteering at Worlds!



Kind of off topic but, what is the procedure for getting inspection fast passes? I am volunteering at worlds but can’t start until Thursday morning due to my class schedule. Can I arrange for a team to get my fast pass on Wednesday, or do I have to be physically present at the expo center to give it out? I assume giving someone my fast pass on Thurdsday won’t mean much since most teams will have finished inspection by then anyway.

I volunteered last year as well but completely forgot that fast passes were a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I would reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator at Worlds - they want happy volunteers.

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Not gonna lie

We saved so much time last year by getting a fast pass