Worlds Band

I was at a scrimmage today and I heard the sounds during the matches (e.g auton, 30 seconds remaining, match end, etc)
At next season’s worlds, I totally think there should be a live band during finals. w/o covid ofc.
Trumpets, bells, horns, etc.

Would improve moral and just be super cool I think.


Depends on the band.


What would the point be? And that would be impossible to get working over live remote events.


Any suggestions?

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Idk, seems like a lot of extra money and hassle for not much gain. I feel like recf could put the money to better use elsewhere


Yes, many.


John Cena


This has come up before:


Looking at this post:

I second this. This would be great, on my list of suggestions (with Steve Perry, instead of his “replacement”, of course.)
Edit: I believe Journey and the Rolling Stones were supposed to come to Nashville, my region, in 2020. Maybe they could reschedule for Kentucky.


You pay hundreds of dollars (or your organization does for your team) to attend this event. The real question is why hasn’t there already been a legitimate half time show. Worlds isn’t just about competing but also about entertainment. It’s entertaining to watch high-level matches and get close up to intricate robots. This would only add to the experience that much more. Worlds truly is a special event and this is one of the few things I would argue could enhance it that much more.

But world’s is already a really costly and special event. If this were to increase the cost of worlds significantly then it wouldn’t be worth it. I also don’t see the relevance in why this thread was made at this point in time –– all things considered.


To be honest, I’d want to see a legitimate act instead of a marching band. For such a high profile and costly event, a 6/10 act shouldn’t be that hard to come by with a reasonable price point. Recognizable, but not huge.

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Why not some form of Battlebots match? Former VEX competitors do it (not to mention some are sponsored), so it’d be both good promotion for VEX and robotics as a whole and it be interesting. I know that’d probably be expensive for heavyweights, but maybe lightweight versions of the big ones?


Eh. I think a beetleweight tournament would be cool. Maybe sportsman’s.

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Most teams don’t have “lightweight” clones of their heavyweights save for the obvious Huge. The lightweight class would cost nearly as much as heavyweights for this purpose.



lol yeah thats just straight up wrong. Anyway, heavyweight competitions are extremely extremely expensive for both the organizers and the teams. There’s a reason that the only one that still exists in the US is for TV…

A beetleweight competition would be cool but its also pretty far off topic from vex… plenty of beetleweight comps already exist


How am I wrong here? You’d need an arena with mostly comparable size and safety features. The reason why I’d said beetleweight or sportsman’s is because the arenas could be moved for a halftimesque bout.

Read the above post. The cost of running an event scales drastically with more robust safety features. I’m not saying they should have a heavyweight bout, but might as well splurge for one at that point.

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Maybe the half time show could be a judged talent show? It’ll give students some other things to worry about other than just robotics.