Worlds Band

i’m curious how much you think heavyweights cost :sweat_smile:

Exponentially more but if your going to to it, do it right and punch up for the heavy’s. Lightweights wouldn’t make the best halftime show anyways. I’m just saying that if they’re going to build a custom arena for this, they might as well go for heavy’s.

Also, it’s not like they’d have people build custom bots for this. The arena would be the main budget constraint.

You’d definitely want to compensate some stuff though, travel with robots isn’t cheap, and the teams are using expensive parts that are expected to get broken, so probably some to make it worthwhile

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Certainly, but compensation would be wayyyy less than the thousands upon thousands to build a non janky heavy specifically for this event.

One thing that would be terrible irl but kinda cool would be heavyweights that are only made from vex V5 and cortex materials. Giant super slow gearboxes…

I think it is good to think about what would make for a rewarding experience at Worlds - think about musicians/bands that push the envelop in terms of STEAM - one group that has good insights about the intersection of creativity, expression, and engineering design - OK Go!


I do hope we can have Worlds on a grand scale again soon!


Personally, I don’t think it is a good idea. Some people won’t like the band no matter who is chosen. It will also raise costs, and I don’t think that is what worlds money should go towards. A better idea for entertainment would be DRow peddling a tricycle around on stage.


according to these guys, the lexan alone was $1 million

a full sized heavyweight arena safe enough for spectators would cost several million $… i don’t think that’s a reasonable cost for a half time show…

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I think you miss the point of Worlds - it is not just about the teams vying to be champions, but also to inspire and provide a wider view to opportunities … Past Worlds have had inspiring talks / speakers - this would be no different than having Tony Hawks or others to connect to the wide breath of opportunities.

but if you want to wait in silence - no music (costs money) or inspiring speeches (cost money) or …

no banners, vendors, raised fields …

maybe Worlds experience might not be ok for you :)…

[ final note - Worlds is a celebration of all - and a lot is not just teams competing…]


Sorry - Peter Gabriel owns that visual :slight_smile:


I am not opposed to entertainment, but I don’t think it should be a band as it isn’t robotics related. I am not opposed to inspirational speakers and or battle bots.

then you oppose to OK Go ???

Or the myriad of past speakers?

A lot of speakers might not be primary robotics - but STEAM related… no?

I didn’t say it was a good idea, nor that I wanted it. All I said was that if they were going to do it, they should go big.

i suppose thats where we disagree. i find the entertainment to cost value of feather and ant weights plenty high. however, i do think that a band performance of some kind would be far more feasible

My idea of beetles was struck down so I assumed I had to go bigger. I think feathers and beetles are great for this, and maybe vex beetles that can only use V5 stuff. That would be cool

half time show should just be DRow on a stage giving a powerpoint presentation filled with various gifs.


He won’t say anything. Just GIFs


Ya’ll know what BTS stands for? Bearings Tied to Standoffs.

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