Worlds Booths - Robot Mesh

Hey, so during this last week at worlds, I spent most of my time working on a robot that, unfortunately, didn’t work as intended (Quick apology to all of our alliance partners). When I did browse through the booths, I got distracted at the Robot Mesh booth where they were displaying the vision sensor and talking about the new v5 motors and stuff. In my excitement, I forgot to ask about what they were actually presenting… The sign by their booth said “Robot Mesh Mimic Arena Virtual Robotics Competition.” I have no idea what that is, I can’t seem to find anything about it online, and I failed to grab a flyer. Does anyone else have any information?

Mimic Arena

Thank you, the site doesn’t give any information about what it is exactly. What is the mimic arena competition?

@jwwood13 Imagine Robot Virtual Worlds except you can CAD your own robot, it has accurate physics, and You can play online with other teams. That’s what I got from it.