Worlds championship waiting list

I was wondering when the teams that are on the waiting list for worlds might find out if they get to go or not.


We won’t call any teams from the wait list until after all of the WC qualifiers have been held. Once the qualifiers have ended, we will evaluate the registrations to determine space availability.

  1. The deadline to register for WC was March 4th. Will it be any WC qualifying competitions after March 4th?

  2. We put our team in the waiting list 3 times. Second time I did it, because I though that I had entered my email address incorrectly. Third time it happened, because one of my students decided to fix the mistake. Will our team be penalized for this? We are team 2505.

No. Your team will not be penalized.

Are you allowed to disclose how many teams are currently on the Wait List as of now and where our location on the Wait List is (Team 3057 - Tenacious Tech)? I just registered for the Wait List today (Team 3057-Tenacious Tech), and am trying to evaluate our Team’s chance of gaining entrance. Thanks :slight_smile:

It wold be great to see where we are on the waiting list so we can plan for the event.

thanks for that comment


If you placed your team on the wait list on March 10th when you posted your message, I am sorry to inform you that there is not much of a chance that your team will get pulled from the wait list.

Miller Roberts