Worlds Competition Dates on Website

For high school it shows the dates to be Tuesday, April 25 for the Worlds Championship on the website. For this year, April 25 is on a Thursday. When does the World’s Championship actually start for 2024?

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Those were the dates for 2023. Where did you get this?

No…. It is not 2023 dates.

RECF has listed it in their website as well.

To answer the OP - there is no fixed rules that says worlds can’t be starting on a Tuesday.


But didn’t HS started Tuesday, April 25th 2023…?

The agenda on this website says Tuesday, April 25, but that does not match the 2024 calendar. So does it start on Tuesday April 23 and the website is wrong?

I’d assume they just forgot to change which day of the week it’s on on the website. As far as I can see, HS Worlds is on Thursday, April 25. This is all just speculation of course.

Think this is what’s causing the confusions to the OP.
So did RECF made a mistake with the date or the day of the week?

Here’s the direct screenshot from RECF website.

Here’s the early announcement at the EP summit…same as the screenshot:

So when I book the hotel rooms I need to make sure that I book them Thursday, April 25-27. Correct? I am confused because I think the competitions in the past have started on a Tuesday. Can someone please confirm this before I book the hotel rooms?

Contact your RECF Team Support Manager - right now everyone is hung up on day of the week here, and no one from RECF is stepping in to give the dates. So, best to go straight to the source.

Sorry - mind explanation the 6 VRC HS on 28 to 30 Apr?

Is it for the JROTC ?

Yes, Dan said it was a typo on the slide.

I think it was meant to be - typos on slides happen.

then again not sure :frowning:

Yes the slide from this summer had a typo. The dates have been up on the site for a little while now and these are correct.

HS VRC starts on Thursday, April 25th
MS VRC, JROTC, VEX U starts on Sunday, April 28th
MS VIQRC, ES VIQRC starts on Wednesday, May 1st

I will submit a ticket for the agenda portion to be corrected because the days of the week and the daily schedules need to be changed.


I think another question is anticipated divisions per program - e.g., will VRC MS be 2 divisions as indicated on EP slide capture?

thank you for clarifying core details of dates being correct!

The detailed agenda has been fixed.

As for the question on Divisions:
HS VRC: 10
VEX U: 2


I took “lacsap” advice and contacted our RECF Team Support Manager. Looks like everything is correct on the agenda now, so it says that VRC HS competitions starts on Thursday, April 25th. Thanks everyone for your help and guidance.