Worlds Dates

When our team qualified for the World Championships, the dates were listed as April 19-21. As such, we booked our flights to California on the 18th. Will there be any matches on the 18th that we will miss because of this date change?

The following is listed on the World Championship registration page:

“The 2012 VEX Robotics World Championship preliminary schedule can be found here. Wednesday, April 18th is an optional day. If teams choose to arrive on Wednesday, they can check in, set up their pit area and star inspection early if they wish.”

The link to the preliminary schedule can be found on the World Championship page. If you arrive in time on Wednesday, please take advantage of the time to set-up your pit.

Please let me know if have any other questions.

Alright, thank you!

We were at Worlds last year, so we know most of the procedures. I was just concerned because the dates had changed on the robotevents page, but now I understand.