Worlds Decorations and Handouts

This is my first time going to worlds, I’m so excited! What should we bring to pass out to other teams, what do we decorate the pit with, and what other general stuff do we need at worlds?


Last year we did metal buttons with our team name on it (4073B). This year we are doing 3d printed keychains. I saw lots of team just handing out candy or rubber bracelets with their team name on them. Those or something like those are pretty good choices.


Stickers and pin back buttons are popular for SWAG, with 800 teams in attendance most recommend to bring 1500-2000 items. For pit decorations you’ll find everything from a simple banner and bowl for swag to full on trade show like setups with displays of awards displays and monitors with team slide shows and decorative lighting. If you search around you can find some videos people have taken when walking around the pits for a preview. At a minimum I would say plan on some kind of banner/signs (can be ones you make on poster boards), maybe a flag from your state/school/club, and some type of party decorations to put on your table or hang up. If you can accommodate it, some extra fold up chairs are convenient as you probably only will get 2 chairs.

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Here is a video from last year. Not mine, but gives a good overview of what the convention center will be like. VEX Worlds 2022 - walking the convention center - YouTube

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Hi! I see that we have very similar usernames (lol)! Unfortunately, I’m not qualified for Worlds, and I have never qualified for it before, so I can’t help you that well (sorry!) But one team from our school made it in, and it’s their first year going to Worlds too, but I believe that they are planning to create and bring a poster. This might be something you could look into!

Sorry I wasn’t much of help!

Don’t “need” to do anything per se, but a lot of teams make stickers (usually 2" circles) with their team logo and number to pass out, and a lot of people enjoy collecting them.

Another thing you can do is decorate your booth, its really cool to see all of the teams and their displays. Some people bring their trophies, or their banners from over the year to help decorate too, and that is pretty cool as well. Its honestally up to you what you bring, but have fun with it!

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Our team is bringing cards and stickers, it’s a good idea to have at least one thing you can bring.

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for some teams including my own having to ship/bring on a plane everything you need can limit what you can bring, I am bringing a banner and about 2000 sticker and packed them into my box I am shipping the robot in. I also plan on collecting and sticker booming my robot of stickers I collect throughout the event.

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Same here! wondering what to bring as this is our first time going to worlds too.

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