Worlds Division Lists?

I just saw that the Worlds HS competition had closed the registering. Do we know when the division lists will come out?

Don’t they need to fill the last few slots with teams from the wait list?

I remember last year the division list came out only a few days before the competition started, so I wouldn’t expect it to come out much earlier this year. I believe they tried to confirm whether teams were actually coming to avoid having different numbers of teams in each division. Assuming they take the same approach this year, expect the divisions to be released a few days before worlds.

I just visited and it looks like the registration is still open. I would expect it to be open until Friday since March 9th was the last day to qualify and those teams had 1 week to register. There looks to be 18 spots open right now, and with what I am sure is more than 18 teams on the waiting list I am sure everything will wrap up pretty quick. If the teams on the waiting list are given 1 week after being notified that they can go then we are looking at at least another week before everything is officially known even by RECF.

A quick visit to the FAQ here.

Has the answer you are looking for.

Q: When will division structures be released?
A: The division lists will be released on Monday, April 15th at 12:00 noon eastern.
Please visit the respective World Championship page on RobotEvents to find the
division lists.

Alright, thanks guys!

Actually there are still qualifying competitions this saturday (California State Championship) so all the spots probably won’t be filled until perhaps 3/22 or maybe even 3/30 for wait listed teams.

I wouldn’t give much credit to CA States. Apparently Design Award qualifies you for Nationals. :smiley:

Have the Skills teams been allowed to register yet?

Yes, the invitations went out Tuesday morning (US times).